Welcome to Deanne's Kitchen: Creative Vegetarian Meals

with Deanne Hoehn

Deanne loves to cook and is often asked for her recipes.  If you are interested in lacto-ovo vegetarian cooking, she will share her tasty insights on Wednesday evenings 6:30-8pm. Learn about special breakfasts like pumpkin ginger pancakes and desserts like sacher torte.
Please RSVP via email (below) or by text: 509.301.6703.


Revitalizing Your Spiritual Health

with Janet Wilkinson

 Our spiritual health is crucial to our well-being, but often we don’t take time to evaluate it. What are the components that make up our spiritual health and what are the disciplines that keep our soul healthy? You will hopefully experience more peace and joy when our 6-week discussion is complete. We start the first week in February and will meet in the University Church's Gathering Room.


Lifting Each Other Up

with Warren Rood

This will be a support-discussion group for parents who have lost a child. We will focus on healing that can happen through very honest and real sharing, listening, supporting, crying and rejoicing in hope. We will meet Saturdays at 4:00pm in the Youth Room starting January 20th for 6 weeks. Email warrenrood@yahoo.com if interested.


Exploring Creationism

with Jack Hoehn

There are few serious problems with the scientific facts about creation, but there are many problems with the interpretation of those facts.  Exploring the theological implications of different chronologies of creation and giving the Bible its position of authority for our doctrines is the Adventist challenge.

Some have no problems with our historical teaching of a recent creation, but others are looking for a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ as the Creator of all that was and is and will be, that does not conflict with geology, biology, and genetics.  If you are open to expanding your ideas please come and study with us. Contact Jack via email (below) or at 509.301.6873.

Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8pm, once/month. Soup and bread will be served for a round table discussion. Bring your favorite books on Science and the Bible to share. 


What Was God Thinking?

with Terry Westerbeck

What was God thinking when He apparently ignored the advise of one of today’s most prominent scientists, Steven Hawking, to computer developers of today to go cautiously before creating an intelligent, humanoid type machine? After reading the chapter “The Origin of Evil” by Ellen White again for the first time through the “eyes” of today’s technology we will discuss this and other questions about God with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the depth and breadth of God’s love.

Meets on Tuesdays at 7pm beginning Monday, January 29. Continues for 6 weeks. Email below or call: 509.386.0631.


Walking with Hope

with Terry Rice

An interdenominational Christian-based adult grief group offered by the chaplains of Walla Walla Community Hospice is available for anyone who has lost a loved one. As you grieve your loss, you are welcome to join weekly or as needed. Location: Walla Walla Community Hospice, 1067 E. Isaacs Ave. January 10 - April 4, each Wednesday, from 1-2:30pm. No need to register, just show up or contact Terry (below), or call 509.525.5561.


The Fusion of Religion and Business

with Michael Cafferky

Whether you are shopping, making and selling products, providing a service, managing a start-up company, leading a work team, volunteering for a nonprofit organization, serving as a front-line worker or a top-echelon executive, you are in the marketplace, “in business.” This short series of five Bible studies will introduce some of the ways in which “religion and business are not two separate things; they are one.” (Christ’s Object Lessons, pp. 349) We will dig deeper in Scripture exploring Christ-centered, interwoven “grand themes” of the Bible that inform us regarding our endeavors of buying and selling, working and serving. The themes explored (as time allows) include the following: Creation, Shalom, Sabbath, Holiness, Truth, Redemption, Loving Kindness, Wisdom and the Great Controversy. Come away from this study with a deeper appreciation for the Plan of Salvation and a clearer understanding of your purpose in the marketplace. This series is designed for Christians of all denominations and non-Christians.

This study group will meet on five consecutive Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. beginning February 14, 2018 and conclude on March 14. We will meet in the Gathering Room at the WWU Church. Bring your Bible, a note pad and a friend.


Finding Peace and Hope Through Life’s Storms

with Lisa Giebel

If you are seeking to have an unmasked, authentic relationship with God that will sustain you, even through hard times, please join us. This is a 4 week group for college students starting Thursday, January 25th at 6:30pm. Email Lisa Giebel at  for more information.


Walla Walla University Small Groups

In addition to the several groups hosted by University Church members this quarter, Walla Walla University students and faculty also have a variety of options available. Contact SiSi Davis (email below) for information on how to find a group or to host your own. Or, visit the following link for more information and instructions on how to sign up: https://www.wallawalla.edu/campus-life/chaplains-office/worship-opportunities/small-groups/