"Why the Christian University?"

September 19, 2015





A: "The Christian university stands in the gap between heaven and earth with the compelling mission of equipping people to be ‘lights’ in the real world they inhabit today -- and teaching them to thrive in the real world they will inhabit forever. For Christians, our desire to be culturally relevant can sometimes conflict with matters of eternal significance. On the other hand, the failure to be contextually relevant also carries with it eternal consequences. Walla Walla University is an institution that offers an education guiding students to thread this needle; an investment of infinite value -- eternally relevant."

—Randy Folkenberg ASWWU President, ’15–’16

A: “Welcome to a university that believes the very best education takes place when the search for truth is joined with a faithful commitment to spiritual growth. No university, I believe, does this better than Walla Walla University. We want students to think critically, work hard, play joyfully, worship passionately, and then, when they graduate, thrive as they make a difference in a world that needs them.”
—Greg Dodds, Professor of History

A: "WWU welcomes  you! This is a place where you will learn things such as "how osmosis works" to what kind of person Andrew Jackson was. You'll even learn things outside of class for example, never loose your ID card if you like to eat and get into your dorm building.  But by far the greatest thing you’ll learn at a place like WWU is how to more closely walk with your Creator. As you begin your time here at Walla Walla, our prayer is that you feel part of the family – now and through eternity."

—Shintell Izquierdo, Junior Theology Major


A: Greetings and Salutations from the Chaplain’s Office you awesome freshmen you!  We are more than excited to not only have you as a part of our campus family, but as a part of our church family too! WWU is not just the place where I got an education; it’s where I fell in love with Jesus.  I hope and pray the same for each of you.  Glad you’re here and Happy Sabbath! (John 13: 34-35)

—Paddy McCoy, Campus Chaplain