October 3, 2015

The Longest Table is today!
Join us on 4th Avenue after the service. Find a table, greet your host, and join them for Sabbath lunch!


The Longest Table is all about hospitality and friendships. In your life,
how do YOU foster community?”


"One of my favorite things is to share good food and conversation around a table, whether at home or stretched along the street by the WW University Church."

Deanne Hoehn, 
University Church Member


"To me, community is all about the kids, as corny as it sounds, kids are the future and the community and support we show them now will build the way they relate to their own community's in the future. So the way that I personally try to support community is by supporting the children of the community."

Moriah Mays,
WWU Student



"In my world, community is powered by sustenance and stories…lingering over a table loaded with good food, and telling the rich stories of both what was and will be. Family meal times are among my favorite memories, a gift I try to share with my children and friends."

-Jodi Wagner,
WWU Marketing & Enrollment


“Using nature. By organizing hiking trips, camping trips, and bonfire vespers, I provide individuals with the opportunity to connect with each other, without the distractions, stress, and busyness so often found in life.”

Trei Decker,
WWU Student, CABL


"I foster community by calling my parents and in-laws with my wife once a week, working out in the mornings with a Lance and Christian, and leading a small group bible study." 

Tommy Poole,
WWU Chaplain for Missions & Discipleship


"In order to foster community, I make an effort to reach out to others and make myself available to serve.  I enjoy organizing events and preparing food to share to bring people together."   

Marci Knauft,
Principal, Lincoln High School
WWU Church Children's Ministries Director


Pastoral Staff Profile

Our University Church pastoral team has changed since the ‘14-’15 school year.
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