Demanding all,
not too much,
but all


We are covenant makers:
    We make all kinds of vows, oaths, and promises,
    We commit ourselves and practice fidelity,
    We sign on for obedience.
We sign on seriously, but also casually and too easily.
We find ourselves, too soon and too often,
    allied with earthliness:
            We pant after commodities,
            We look for quick fixes.
            We lust after pure well-being.

We look our partners in the face,
    staring at us too often is death, as partner,
    our partner too often too dread-filled to bear.
And then you come, our true and only partner,
        You snatch us from deathliness,
        you nullify our phony covenants,
        and invite us to our proper fidelity.

We look back in wonderment to deathly partners overcome by you.
We look forward in joy to life with you.
We are betwixt and between what was in earthliness and what will be in new life;
In that moment of turn, we glimpse life with you,
        life simple, joyous, obedient,
        demanding all, not too much, but all.


On reading Isaiah 25, 28 / October 30, 2001
-Walter Brueggemann,
Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth



Student aid

Rogers Adventist School and Walla Walla Valley Academy's first day of school is just around the corner, August 20! In our mission to teach people to follow Jesus, our congregation invests heavily in the work of education at all levels. In particular, the University Church's local budget funds significant operations subsidies for both Rogers Adventist School and Walla Walla Valley Academy.

In addition to this essential investment, however, our church also maintains a "Student Aid" fund. This need-based money is used exclusively to offset tuition for church member's families at our schools. The students this fund benefits might not otherwise be able to enjoy Christian education.

For more information about the Student Aid fund, contact Clare Thompson ( To donate to this fund, mark your gift "Student Aid," on a tithe envelope or online at

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We thank two gentlemen from our campus community for sharing their music. Richard Scott, the Faculty Liaison and Outreach Services Librarian at Peterson Memorial Library, serves as our guest organist. Bruce Toews, of the WWU School of Business, leads the praise band. Please join me in thanking them both.

As we contemplate the faithfulness of God I invite you to prepare your heart by meditating on the words of Hymn No.100, some of which appear here:

Great is Thy faithfulness,
    O God my Father,
There is no shadow of turning with Thee;
Thou changest not,
    Thy compassions, they fail not;
As Thou hast been
    Thou forever wilt be.

-Kraig Scott




Thank you for your generosity to the ministry of the University Church. The following graphics highlight how donations to the University Church budget and donations marked "tithe" are allocated. Thank you for your generous support!


To donate to the University Church budget, mark your tithe envelope as such or give Online here. Our online giving portal allows any person to set up regular, monthly, weekly, or biweekly contributions to be deducted automatically from their connected accounts into whatever budget, ministry, or funds they choose.



An all-church pancake breakfast is planned for this Sabbath, August 11. The Jr. High Sabbath School class invites you and your family to breakfast in the Fellowship Hall, 8:30–10am, before Sabbath programs begins. You are invited to join the whole church family for food, conversation, and a great beginning to the day!

The senior pastor search committee is nearing the end of Phase I. They are grateful to the congregation for your support and input so far and covet your prayers. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Pam Cress or email

Local preacher suggestions are needed. The worship schedule is being planned and Darold Bigger is open to hearing from you about potential local speakers. What pastoral staff members, theology faculty, administrators, or church members inspire, challenge, teach, and motivate you the most? Please mail suggestions to Pastor Darold at the Church Office, email, or place them in a Connect Box.

Jaimie Derting finished her final day as Office Manager this past week. Please take a moment today to write a note of thanks in a book on a table in the lobby. Thank-you Jaimie for your heart-felt service and blessings to you in your next adventure!

The Sanctuary roof is being replaced over the remainder of July and much of August. During this time, two construction companies will be working in, on, and around the church facility. Please be aware that coned-off zones on the outside of the building indicate areas of danger. In particular, they may indicate an overhead hazard that is not otherwise obvious. Please keep clear of these areas (especially children) and remain mindful of the ongoing construction during this time. Pictures of the progress are below:

The church is seeking a part-time facility manager. If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to

Stay up to date with the University Church’s texting service. To receive important information about events, schedule changes, and emergencies, opt-in by texting “WWUCINFO” to 84576.

Heubach Chapel morning worship continues this summer on a weekly basis. Every Friday morning, 7:30-7:50am, you are invited to join Heather Lee for singing and prayer.

Dentist needed three days a week at SonBridge Dental Clinic. This is a paid part-time position. Call Mel Lang at 509.301.3460 if interested.

Discovery Preschool at Walla Walla University is having a come and go open house on August 23, 3:30–6:30pm. They are now accepting applications for half and full day preschool for the 2018–19 school year.

Walla Walla Valley Academy  has two part-time positions available. They are looking for a study hall supervisor
(this position is responsible for taking record and supervising the classroom until the period ends. This position will encompass 5-6 hours per day on Mondays and Wednesdays) and a work supervisor (responsibilities include supervising up to 10 students for approximately one hour Monday through Thursdays.  Transporting students with school transportation to a local retirement center. Completing paperwork required by the grand for the organization subsidizing the program.  The program should take a supervisor approximately two hours per day.). If you are interested in either, please call Steve Fuchs or Brian Harris at 509.525.1050.

A women's retreat is planned October 26–28. Upper Columbia Conference invites you to Camp MiVoden for  “Beautiful,” a weekend for teen girls and women to be refreshed at Hayden Lake. The keynote speaker is
Cindy Tutsch, a seasoned speaker who has shared the gospel around the world in over 60 countries. Register online at: or by calling Wendy (afternoons only) at 509.838.2761.

Violin Praise Orchestra Concert directed by Luibov Schmidt at Land-Title Plaza on Main Street in Walla Walla. August 26, 3:30-5:30pm. For more information, email:

Hispanic couples retreat is September 28–30 at the Red Lion Hotel near the Pasco Airport. The main speakers will be Claudio and Pamela Consuegra. To register or receive more information, contact Walter Pintos at: or by phone: 509.242.0535.

Eqypt Bible Tour is December 12–22, 2019. You are invited to join Dr. Carl Cosaert of Walla Walla University to discover the land of the pyramids, the pharaohs, Moses, and the Exodus. $2,425 plus airfare includes meals and accommodations. For more information, contact Sharon Searson at

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs survey is live. Every five years, the Adventist Church conducts a survey to discover what members believe, their experiences with the church, and how they live their daily lives. You are invited to participate. (Please note this survey takes about one hour to complete.) The survey is available both in English and Spanish. Thank you for your help!

Diabetes Undone seminar is planned in September at SonBridge. Registration on September 10 at 6:30pm and 8 weekly sessions follow beginning September 16. $60. Contact Chad Washburn for details.

The Village Church is looking for 4 people - two for the Friday night shift (8-11, 08-31) and two for Sabbath morning (11-2, 09-01).  This year the fair falls on the same weekend as the Village Church's 50th anniversary, and special events are planned for Friday night and Sabbath.  If anyone wants to help in this community outreach, please contact Dalaina Grigsby, or text 509-301-1554.

The Christian Aid Center is an important ministry partner of the University Church. They are currently in need of the following volunteers: Chapel Speakers (6:30‒7pm, various dates available); Childcare Providers (daily 9-11am shifts, and Tues. and Thurs. shifts from 1:30‒3:30pm); Receptionist (various shifts available); Kitchen Host (morning and evening shifts available); Hair Stylist; Registered Nurses. Please contact Jeannette Regalado, Volunteer & Donor Relations at 525-7153 ext. 114 for more information.



Sabbath, August 11
    8:30–10am — All-church breakfast, Fellowship Hall
    8pm — Adventist Singles Fellowship, SonBridge
    8:08pm — Sundown

Sunday, August 12
    1pm — Sandi Carlson funeral, Heubach Chapel

Wednesday, August 15
    7pm — Prayer Meeting, Heubach Chapel

Friday, August 17
    7:30am — Heubach Chapel morning worship
    8pm — WWU Vespers, Conard Courtyard
    7:59pm — Sundown

Monday, August 20
    Rogers & WWVA, first day of school

Monday, August 27
    7pm — Church Board Meeting, Youth Room

Monday, September 3
    Labor Day, church office closed









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